AITA for not telling my boyfriend I'm good at Tetris?

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AITA for not telling my boyfriend I'm good at Tetris?

Postby Jamuna » Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:37 pm

Throwaway bc my bf uses.

UPDATE: I broke up with him thru text after realizing this would be the last straw. He begged for me back and said he had a bad day, but lately everyday has been bad & carrying this emotional burden is too much & taking a mental & academic toll on me. He said this is making him suicidal & said if he dies it's my fault...Blocked him on everything & he began contacting my friends, who i told to block immediately if they received any messages from him.

I told my brother I was scared because he had violent tendencies & he gave me a pepper spray. We went outside our house so he can show me how to use it, & I saw a car outside that looked just like my now ex's, but it wasn't him & i just broke down crying because i'm so scared. I'm going to talk to campus police tomorrow to let them know my situation. I'm also worried that if he kills himself if I have any legal implications but i have screenshots of our conversations if need be...

Thank you to everyone for your kind advice, I was truly blinded by this asshole & hope you guys have partners with a healthy competitive drive <3

18F here with 18M bf. We are freshmen in college.

He is a big gamer, specifically loves League of Legends but only plays this when i'm not with him since it's time consuming. I, however, am not a gamer. The only games I've played are classic games like Pokemon, Super Mario, Mario Kart, etc just fun games that are low commitment. However, I grew up playing Tetris with my dad and it was a great way for us to bond & I got really good at it. I told my bf I grew up playing Tetris but never played with him.

Sometimes I play video games with my bf & I always lose, I don't care since it's only for fun & he knows I'm not as skilled as him. We were playing Call of Duty, something he's very experienced at while I have only played it a couple times since I don't have a game system for it. As expected, I kept losing but I still had fun and overall was a good sport about it.

Then I asked him if he wants to play Tetris since we both had our laptops and can easily connect to battle. He agreed, still in a good mood from demolishing me in CoD. I was excited to see his reaction since I was planning to go hard as soon as we started.

We connected, the game began and I beat him in <2 minutes. I was laughing, not at him for losing but because he was surprised. But reading his face I quickly realized he was mad. He said lets go again, so we did. I beat him exactly the same way as the 1st round. He quietly started a new round, this time I felt bad & went slower, but seeing this, he force quit the game, took his laptop, and stormed off to play League. I was left there, my screen still on Tetris, just stunned he reacted this way.

He said "I'm not gonna play against someone who's been playing for years" & started League, knowing he's gonna leave me alone for 45 minutes (avg. time per game) just in his room. I said "wait, you've been playing CoD for years, I can't beat you at my game once?" He scoffed and put his soundproof headphones on as his match or whatever was starting.

I packed up my laptop & just went home without a word. He later texted, about 3 hours later with "so no call or update with where you are or what ur doing. probably playing Tetris or something so u make sure u win."

I simply replied "I'm just at home." He's blown up my phone with 40+ calls that i've been dodging. AITA for beating him at a game I'm actually good at?
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