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PS4 Puyo Tetris 2 question

PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2020 7:10 pm
by limbskars94
Is anyone who bit the launch day bullet able to tell us if we can remap controls?

Love that Tetris effect let us remap, don’t play PPT 1 because of no button remap. I play on a Hori fighting commander. It has the perfect PS4 Dpad and large buttons to put all fingers on at once. Right hand almost plays like a keyboard with right side of controller usually resting on right leg, hand holds left side like normal working dpad. Dpad is only used for movement, and the rest is done with buttons. It’s PS4 tetris perfection!

Personally this alone would make it a insta pickup.

Also please keep us up to date on PS4 population of possible.