Atletico Madrid are preparing for Antoine Griezmann's summer

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Atletico Madrid are preparing for Antoine Griezmann's summer

Postby BoySmile » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:49 pm

Atletico Madrid are preparing for Antoine Griezmann's summer exit, says Guillem Balague
I saw a player who again did not have any service, was on his own up front against Real Madrid and did not have a second forward with him with Angel Correa played out wide. It was only Koke, ติดต่อ sbobet who is really a midfielder, in the first half who was next to him and at the end of the match, Antoine Griezmann ended up touching the ball only 13 times and he had no shots on goal either. He was replaced for the fifth time this season, four of them with 0-0 being the score line.The game, in a way, continued in the press conference. Diego Simeone said "if someone is in my family, I will give anything for them and protect them, and until they leave" - the bit about "till they leave" was
mentioned twice.He was talking, of course, about Griezmann, who had been booed by the fans when replaced because they are fed up with him being so open ติดต่อ sbobet about leaving in certain interviews, recently saying he sees himself playing with Mbappe and Neymar in the future.In the summer he said there was a 6/10 possibility that he would go to Manchester United, things that were unnecessary because the club were always going to give him an increase in his wages. And he now earns €12m a year and there was an increase in his buyout clause which is €200m until July 1, but will then revert back to €100m.There was no need to flirt with anybody, but he still did that and so there are players in the dressing room who are doubting his commitment. The club, I know, feel that he will leave in the summer, with United and Barcelona favourites to sign him, while Real may consider him too. Having said no to a huge offer from United after he had spoken to Jose Mourinho, he will now consider those possibilities. PSG, meanwhile, will need to sell first, but they have also made some enquiries about his interest in joining them.Nothing has been signed at the moment with anybody, I'm told, ติดต่อ sbobet but the club feel he will leave.
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