Settings Reset Problem

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Settings Reset Problem

Postby onurcoban » Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:55 pm

Hi Wojtek and people

I am having a problem (which started today) with settings. I used to play without any problems yet today it started to revert back all my defined controls, sound & music levels to defaults (even open forum after close checkbox). As you guess, i try to save it a couple of times (run as admin etc.). Since there are no installation and no registry logs, i am not quite sure how to fix this :(

I already download it again only to end up with same problem. Is this some kind of software or server related bug?

My Config:
Windows 8
Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop

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Re: Settings Reset Problem

Postby Wojtek » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:52 am


I am sorry to hear about this problem. I think few other people have same problem. I can't offer a solution but maybe with some information we can figure it out together.

by design on Windows XP settings are stored in registry node:

however on Windows 7 64bit settings will be stored in:
assuming default UAC settings and NOT running with "as admin" option.

however if you have UAC off or use run with "as admin" option, your setting will be stored in node:

Of course this means when you run "as admin" and not "as admin" there are two separate settings profiles. So for example if you run game first time "as admin" and secound time not "as admin", you may thing settings are not saved, because if second run you use alternative setting profile. but of course if you settings are still not saved, there must some other issue, I don't understand. You may try to locate those nodes in registry editor and try to play with them yourself (try to delete whole TetrisOnlineJapan node for example and see what happens). Let me know how it goes.

Windows 8 or Vista should be same. On 32bit OS, there won't be Wow6432Node part in registry path.
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Re: Settings Reset Problem

Postby onurcoban » Thu Jul 11, 2013 8:33 pm

Hi Wojtek

Thanks for the reply. I've checked the registry for all directories and i've found the only blank registry in HKEY_CLASS_ROOT/VirtualStore/MACHINE/Software/Wow6432Node/TetrisOnlineJapan

I delete the reg key with its directory and try that way again and.... Voila!! :D :D

It is now working perfect as it used to be. This seems to be a proper solution for people having the same problem out there.

Thanks for the tip Wojtek and keep up the good work!
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