About Tetris Online Poland

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What's this?

Tetris Online Poland is codename for my effort to reverse engineer Tetris Online Japan protocol and create my own server for it. Original reasons why I started to work on it was because I like to figure out how stuff works and because I was thinking that while technically TOJ is great game they were ruining it with stupid business strategy. Also there was a rumor saying TOJ is going to close soon. For some it was obvious it will happen sooner or later whether rumor was true or not.

TOJ is now gone, so TOP is only way to play TOJ now. I really believe this game should not disappear, because as far as I know this is best PC multiplayer official game yet, and also have significant enthusiastic user base. If you want TOP to grow up and stay strong, please invite your friends to play with you, I am sure there are many that don't know about TOP yet, but would love to play.

As I write this (2012-01-01) there are over 20,000 user accounts and lot of people are playing most of the time (over 50 users online in multiplayer mode at daily peak).

Remember this software is in beta stage, so may not work very well. Please be patient, problems will be fixed. Good place to report problems and suggestion is TOP forum.

How to play?

  1. Register here.
  2. Download game here.
  3. Run game with TOPLauncher.exe file.

What works?

Evertything should be working already, this includes:


Cloning TOJ server itself is not enough for me, I want to fix major flaws of the game, improve it and extend it.

This is what has been done so far:

Contact and Support

Please check FAQ, it covers some most common questions and problems

You can talk about TOP on TOP forum, please use it to get help and to report problems.

You can also get help on #tetris channel on Quakenet. If you don't have IRC client, please use webchat. My nickname there is Wojtek, but even when I'm not online you will probably find few people on this channel who can help you.