Tetris Online Wonderland (TOP Modified client)

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Tetris Online Wonderland (TOP Modified client)

Postby Blitz » Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:29 pm


This is a TOP client with some modifications to make the gameplay feel substantially faster:
No linecleardelay.
Disabled sparkles animations, block falling animation, lockdown graphics, lockflash and more.
Chat bugfix by misakamm.
Visual makeover.
Tools included:
- SjeJhh Tool UI (how to use SjeJhh Tool?)
- SprIpl Tool
- TetrisOnlinePatchCreator (Japanese tool)
- TOPLauncher+ (Japanese tool)
Default piece movement settings are:
DAS = 120ms
ARR = 15ms
DAS = 100ms
ARR = 15ms
DAS = 100ms
ARR = 1ms
DAS = 83ms
ARR = 15ms
DAS = 83ms
ARR = 1ms
Edit: As pointed out by Xael, TOP rounds up to the nearest frame for autorepeat. At the time I created this mod I was not aware of this. That means Lv5 and Lv4 is the same and Lv3 and Lv2 is the same..
If you want to use different das/arr settings you must use TetrisOnlinePatchCreator or edit the values directly in config/config_jpn.ini.

Download here:
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