Tetris TGM 3 TI resources?, Looking for resources/guides/tip

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Tetris TGM 3 TI resources?, Looking for resources/guides/tip

Postby Carl10 » Sat Jun 26, 2021 9:51 am

Ive been playing guideline Tetris for about 3 years now and decided that itd be fun to play some of the older games.

I got TGM 3 TI and am learning how to play, but I can't find any resources online to help me improve.

So far I've just been watching the few TGM 3 ti videos on youtube in slow-mo to analyze their gameplay but I'd like some concrete tips from other players.

Do you guys know any Websites/discord servers/YouTubers that could help?

Anything is appreciated, thx.
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Re: Tetris TGM 3 TI resources?, Looking for resources/guides

Postby Koli » Sun Sep 25, 2022 2:41 pm

I'm not a really good player, even though can get Shirase S5, but here's some advices.

You should decide, whether you gonna play on Classic rule or on World rule.
World is easier, but Classic is appreciated more in community.
This is up to you.

Tetrises and not t-spins are most efficient line clears here, so no need to keep well in middle, right well stacking will be fine.
In Ti, more than two thirds of Master and entire Shirase is spend in 20G, so playing at 20g well is necessary.
At 20G,to improve piece mobility, triangular stacking should be used.
At 20G (and preferably a bit before 20G begins, if you need, also at high-G), stack should look like pyramid, with column 5 being the highest.

For Shirase, only thing that matter is speed, but right well stacking still should be used.
Between levels 500-1000, bottommost line of stack is duplicated, so thats another reason to use stacking.
After level 1000 (also at m-roll), pieces lose their colors, so you also should rely on sounds appearing at end of ARE (they're individual for each piece).
Also, there's a guide at Harddrop wiki, you should check it.

I'm sorry if this didn't helped.
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